Important aspects of home loan

The ongoing financial crisis and uncertainty in the investment markets are one reason why more and more people are investing in “concrete gold”. The absolutely low interest rates for building money also cause people to buy property. But a few basic things should be considered right now so that the financing is on a sound long-term basis: The purchase price […]

Join the responsible loan

It is difficult to understand today’s society without loans. There are many types of them and, although we usually think about money loans, the most common ones tend to go further and are related to objects that we use in our day to day: it can be the charger that you legend when you run out of battery, the car […]

House building loans – tips for planning

For many people, home ownership is at the top of their wish list. Only understandable, since your own property is one of the best pension schemes. Especially in times of low loan interest, the dream of having your own four walls comes a little closer. What should be considered when planning the construction?   Building finance provides a solid foundation […]

Credit line for individuals vs. Credit line for companies: How to get the most out of them

More than three years ago since we arrived in the Spanish market, and we did it with a product that, historically, had been aimed at companies: the credit line. Thus, we choose to put at your service the first line of credit for individuals, since it is one of the most flexible financing products and, therefore, the one that best […]

Ways out of the credit crunch: Alternative models for corporate finance

Growth and growth require money. In most cases, however, this is not sufficiently available and must be obtained. The first point of contact is always the banks, which, however, deal with loan commitments more and more sparingly in times of the economic crisis. How do you get the start-up capital you need?   You can even understand the banks A […]

Good practices that you should keep in mind if you want to apply for a loan

When we are considering applying for a loan online, it is very important to opt for a company that practices the responsible loan and that gives us all the information we need to manage the application and be able to return the money little by little and with total comfort. However, knowing where to ask for a loan is not […]